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Black & Chrome Barometer & Tide clock Combo 1486gu-06

$419.00 $459.00


The Fischer Black & Chrome Barometer & Tide clock 1486gu-06 is the perfect tide clock barometer combo to adorn a desk or hang gracefully on an interior wall of your home or office. This weather instrument would make a great corporate gift, or gift for the person who has everything. Because it is made from the highest quality German it is built to last a life time and will be gazed upon with joy for years to come.


  • High Quality Materials
  • Highly Accurate
  • Looks great
  • Barometer and tide lock Combo
  • Quality Quartz tide lock Movement



  • Know what is happening with the surf and tides at a glance
  • Built to last with quality materials
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Sleek black and chrome look will compliment any interior

What materials is it made of?

Solid wood and Chrome bezel

Also Available in Mahogany & Brass Finish

How big is it?

380mm x 200mm

What does a Barometer measure?

Atmospheric Pressure [ Refer to Barometers for more information]

What does a Tide Clock measure?

Tide clocks work on measuring out going and in coming tides , Great for fisherman or surfers wanting to know the best time to enjoy the great out doors.

How do I use it?

Here is a video with Cameron the watch doctor on how to set up your tide clock

Why should I buy from you?

Our company has evolved from a history of watch repair and clock servicing. Our strong servicing background provides you with a reassuring guarantee on all products sold through us.

Why choose a Fischer Tide Clock?

Even in these modern times of satellites and Internet, the atmospheric pressure measured with a personal barometer remains the most important indication of weather changes at your location. To evaluate present weather or to forecast coming weather, we need accurate barometric pressure. Most common barometers on the market are not accurate enough to serve this purpose. They are more decorative than functional.

Who might like this Tide Clock?

  • Fisherman
  • Ships Captains and People with boats or Yachts
  • People who surf and want to know whats happening with the tides

How do I pay for it?

We use DPS Secure payment facitilites to ensure your details are safe. Learn all about payment, how to pay and what to expect.

What courier company do you use?

We use trusted courier company for our deliveries, learn more about shipping and delivery.

How do you package it to ensure it arrives safely.

All barometers and combined instruments are packaged separately in a neutral coloured , fully recyclable cardboard box . Consisting of a least 60% recycled paper. We realise that clocks & barometers are delicate , learn more about our packaging practices and the lengths we go to, to ensure your orders arrive in great condition.

Will you ship to the receivers address?

Yes we do! Why pay shipping twice? To arrange shipping direct to the them just fill out their shipping details when you are in our online checkout.

How long will it take to arrive?

Find up to date information on shipping times here

So what are you waiting for? Tide clocks make a great gift for guys who are into surf or boats. Have it wrapped with care and delivered to their door (or yours) FAST!

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